Slinky Hell (2017)
Slinky Hell is a collection of 200 funny, offbeat cartoons. It features cartoons that have been published in The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Prospect, and on the webcomic The Daily Snooze. Slinky Hell includes several dozen cartoons that have never been seen before.

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Book launch: 
Toronto, ON - June 26th at No One Writes to the Colonel

"In an era when most millennials try to express themselves through selfies and Snapchat filters, Jacob has found a way to channel his unique take on the world into hilarious single-panel cartoons. I don't know how he has patience to sit down and draw these. He is either a genius or completely insane. Yeah, one of those."

- Ivan Decker (award-winning Canadian stand-up comic with appearances on Just for Laughs and CBC’s The Debaters)