A unique voice in Canadian comedy, Jacob Samuel is part stand-up comic and part humour cartoonist. This is why he has two totally separate bios.

Stand-up comic
Jacob Samuel is a nice Jewish boy and a very funny stand-up comedian who's appeared on national TV and Radio in Canada. In 2017, Jacob taped his first TV set for the CBC at the Winnipeg Comedy and Festival and came first in Yuk Yuks Vancouver's annual comedy competition. He has been featured on CBC Radio 1 programs such as The Debaters and Laugh Out Loud, as well as on Sirius XM Radio. Jacob has made multiple appearances on the JFL Northwest festival and is probably the only Canadian comedian ever to be re-tweeted by acclaimed American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. According to a recent review, "Jacob Samuel’s comedy was consistent and well executed, with no exceptionally bad or good pieces." In other words, Jacob's performances have the captivating energy of a car shifting into neutral. 

Humour cartoonist
Jacob Samuel is an internationally-published humour cartoonist and one of the youngest Canadian cartoonists ever to be published in The New Yorker. Jacob has also been published in the Harvard Business Review, Barron's, Geist, The Feathertales Review, Prospect (UK),  Wirtschaftswoche (Germany) and on CBC: Comedy. His debut book of single-panel comics was included as one of the "top 25 comedy books of 2012" by Canada's Bite TV and was promoted by Evan Goldberg (co-writer of Superbad, This is the End). Purchasers of Jacob's cartoons include renowned American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. In 2017, Jacob published his second book of cartoons, Slinky Hell